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Optimize Yourself

Mar 19, 2021

In this episode, I give you an insider’s glimpse into the world of my Optimizer coaching & mentorship program and what we call the ‘Hot Seat.’ What you’ll hear today is a recording of an actual live session with an Optimizer student where on the Hot Seat we tackle various questions about career transitions, productivity, workflows, networking, burnout, habit formation, resumes and websites, and any number of other work or life challenges that students bring to the table as they navigate their own path towards success.

In the following hot seat session, community member Melanie Annan wants to market herself so that she attracts the types of directors and projects she’s most interested in working on, specifically editing dramatic independent films. She has a very clear idea of how she likes to work and what genres she’s passionate about, but her About page on her portfolio website is telling a very different story than what it needs to. Listen in on how we reword her story so she will win over the people she most wants to work with next.

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